Your Business, Your IP, Your Future

By Coventry and Warwickshire Business Festival (other events)

Monday, November 27 2017 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

This half-day session, aimed at SMEs and start-ups will explain how you can add value to your business by identifying and protecting your intellectual property.

Recommended for any SME in the region who are involved in R&D, innovation or want to better
protect their assets.    

Delivered by Brian More, Director for Intellectual Property Commercialisation at Coventry University and:
Ben Appleton, Partner, Wilson Gunn, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.

Topics will include:

  •  Trademarks, patents, design rights, copyright and trade secrets

  •  Advice on how to identify hidden commercial value in IP, using IP for raising capital for business growth

  •  Implications of BREXIT on IP & accelerated channels       

  •  Accelerated routes like the UK Green Channel and the EU PACE arrangements, with an explanation why this is recommended

  •  Case Study - importance of prior IP searching before registration is one of the valuable lessons learnt here, along with using the professional expertise of trademark and patent attorneys

  •  Funding available to support IP protection                        

  •  Q & A           

For any more information on this event or grants support available from the Low Carbon project please contact [email protected]